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High Performance BM400C-CH
Drill EDM
CNC Milling and Engraving
Die Sinker Machine

Molybdenum wire cut machine, Medium speed wire cut machine, Reusable wire cut machine.Higher accuracy, but lower running cost

Can be used for replacing brass wire cut machines.

DK77 series with stepper motor or DC servo motorsBM series with MITSUBISHI servo drive and motors

Higher Performance is C type machine with BMW-5000 controller and Double direction Intelligent Auto wire tension system

Economical type is Parallel frame design with BMW-3000 controller.

1) Largest selection of affordable EDM machines, size: from 320*400mm to 2000*2600mm

2) Independent designed BMXP software with large capacity database

3) New designed High frequency system with higher cutting speed, but lower consumption

4) Higher rigidity full closed casting design & fixed with high precision linear guideways and ball screws.

5) EMERSON Inverter to make sure the wire winding stable.

6) 3-5 steps filters, 100L coolant tank to prolong the using life of working solution.

7) Module design for control cabinet, easy to trouble shoot and maintenance

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